The Legendary Ultra-Portable Adler Tippa!

Product Information


Restored, and in very good working condition ( thoroughly cleaned, tested, adjusted, lubricated where needed, waxed and polished) and comes with a new black ribbon installed!

The Tippa typewriters have an extraordinary long-lasting history. Originally created in 1950 by German Company Gossen to be the “office in a briefcase”, the elegant slim
typewriter soon became very successful. By the mid 50’s Gossen updated their design to something more stylish with gull-winged ribbon covers and an extended base. The type-
writer was by then being sold with a robust and equally stylish case with stationery compartments, called the “necessarie”.
In 1956, Gossen sold the Tippa license to Adler. The next few years Adler re-branded the same stylish model until 1960 when it created a new design for the Tippa.

This Tippa is the second Tippa design Gossen created, and was produced after the license was sold to Adler, between 1956 and 1959.

It is a beautiful very slim typewriter, easily transported and stored in its stylish case. The machine can be used attached to the wooden base, or alone to show off it’s
gorgeous slimness.