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Eclectic Is Our Favorite

We love to mix and match. An eclectic combination of ceramics, wood, and metal has such an appealing...

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American Underwood Typewriter

Ahh! The 1930’s American made Underwood Typewriter. This lovely piece has a wonderful classic and classy look that gives it a warm, intelligent and intellectual vibe. Can’t beat it for making a library or desk feel authentic. Typing...

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1950’s Copenhagen Table!

This wonderful table was created by Lane in the early 1950’s in the Danish Style. It has a wonderful look and is a great size to fit along an entryway hall as well as most any other room. If you have a 7 foot modern style sofa it is just the thing for a coffee table! We love having it in the store. Put a collection of mid century barware or some Hollywood Regency lamps and this table and you have a...

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