Deals Of The Day

Hermes 3000 Typewriter

A love this combo of the 1890’s with the 1960’s! An antique solid walnut tabletop with a cast iron sewing machine base makes the perfect desk to show off a 1963 vignette. The Hermes typewriter, a 1960’s desk lamp and there you go. Or add your own laptop and favorite desk top...

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Vintage Flower Watercolors

We are total suckers for vintage flower watercolors and prints. In fact, any picture with flowers from the time when women painted and embroidered all the time, interest us. There are always many flower pictures at Hide and Seek- oil paintings from Europe all the way to the mid century mom’s personal piece of art. Very well done, or kitch- we like it...

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Colorful Bowls and Linens

Love, love, love these French Cafe au Lait Bowls and California Dish Towels. Lots of antique blue Transferware.completes a colorful...

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